Jesus is Alive Outreach Ministries
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Jesus is Alive Outreach Ministries  Is a non profit making organisation


The year 2015 is finally here. This year is great year in the body of Christ. The power of God is going to fall amazingly on Christians. We are going to witness an apostolic revival, which would sweep across the whole earth. God is raising up prophets to go forth into all nations. Soldiers of God who will speak only what heaven commands. God would be speaking through these appointed vessels. Prophets after the order of Jeremiah, who prophesied fearlessly and came to no harm. In the midst of adversity, God kept prophet Jeremiah and made him to be a one man city in the midst of rebellious and treacherous people.

From 2015 and beyond, God is raising up prophetic giants who will go to nations and declare that there will be rain if they do not serve God and it shall be so. Prophets after the order of Elijah, who shut the heavens for 3years and there was no rain. Prophets after the order of Elisha who did awesome miracles, prophets after the order of Daniel, who kings bowed down to.

God is no respecter of persons, and God would use anyone who is willing, available and ready. Your part is to be (1). Spiritually sensitive. (2). Connect with heaven daily, regularly. (3).Be highly disciplined spiritually, no room for mess.

(4) Be alert, so as not to miss divine sudden visitation. Remember God visited Moses in the backside of the desert when he least expected and in the most unlikely place and time. Therefore be always prepared and Remain blessed as you cruise through the year 2015 on eagles wings.